John Crane: Double Tap (English Edition) par Mark Parragh

John Crane: Double Tap (English Edition) par Mark Parragh

Titre de livre: John Crane: Double Tap (English Edition)

Auteur: Mark Parragh

Broché: 217 pages

Date de sortie: August 23, 2018

Éditeur: Waterhaven Media, LLC

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Mark Parragh avec John Crane: Double Tap (English Edition)

Two action-packed John Crane adventures in one collection!

This digital box set includes the novella-length John Crane adventures, Bird Dogs and Pledged Assets. These two novellas fit into the first arc of the John Crane series, giving fans a deeper look into John Crane's missions, his relationships, and the forces aligned against him.

Bird Dogs: Seeking clues to decipher a trove of coded secrets, Crane follows a former gigolo to Buenos Aires, but soon discovers he's not the only one following his target. Crane's new ally has her own agenda, and soon Crane must decide how to play his cards in a game where no one is quite who they seem, and someone has to lose.

Pledged Assets: Crane forges a cautious alliance with the enigmatic and ruthless woman known as Swift and follows her to Venice, where the information he needs is sealed in the vaults of a centuries-old underworld bank. Undercover on an isolated island, surrounded by enemies who will kill him if his identity is revealed, and pursued by the seductive wife of his dangerous host, Crane must find a way into a seemingly impenetrable vault, and escape the island with his life.

Author's Note: Both Bird Dogs and Pledged Assets are also included in the box set, John Crane: The Skala Archive alongside the first three full-length John Crane novels. Double Tap is intended mainly for fans who have already read some or all of the first three novels, to spare them having to buy the books all over again to get the novellas.

Fans rave about the John Crane series!

★★★★★ 'Not since the likes of Ian Fleming and John D. MacDonald have I enjoyed a writer so much.'

★★★★★ 'Rope on Fire has everything, ruthless bad guys, beautiful women, fast cars, and gun fights. The last part of the novel will keep you glued all the way to the end.'

★★★★★ 'This Series Just Keeps Getting Better!'

★★★★★ 'I intended to just read a couple of chapters, but I was up until 12:30 AM. I just couldn't stop until I finished.'

★★★★★ 'Oh what a fun read. Not had so much fun reading a spy novel since Bond.'

★★★★★ 'John Crane embodies the action of Bourne with the panache of Bond. Parragh's style is contemporary espionage with a healthy injection of no-frills pulp, and it never lets up.'

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